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So many fans and students have requested our music that I decided to provide you the history of the band and its members ONLINE! 

The 1980s were a good time! However, the Music Industry became quite ruthless in the late 80s (during our time). Synth music was begging to go out and Grunge was coming in. Further, due to the large amounts of money that companies were investing in bands like Depeche Mode, many upcoming, very talented bands such as ours were seen as a threat and therefore blacklisted! Rather than the companies picking us up, many radio stations such as KROQ were told that if they continued to play our music...that the record companies would stop supporting them. 

Before we were blacklisted...Schneebezen, with the assistance of Bryan Carstrom (Billy Idol, PIL, Offspring) produced an EP called "Take Those Shades Off" The EP contained two "top-10" hits. The hits "Magical Meeting of The Minds" and "Can't Remain A Friend" were beating out bands like Depeche Mode and The Cure for heavy rotation on KROQ, LIVE-105 and other Modern Music Stations around the world, and we were doing this all from a small, self-built recording studio in West Los Angeles! Schneebezen had also obtained the highest rated local band in KROQ HISTORY!

Schneebezen had the opportunity to perform at the world famous Whiskey-A-Go-Go and Palomino Club, and took San  Francisco by storm...making appearences on LIVE 105 with Steve Masters and later and appearance at the "X" and Palladium. We even when on to make appearences on various TV Shows such as Poor Man's (KROQ) Video Show, LA To Nashville and  performed live for the United Way.

When the blacklisting became apparent, one EMI Executive stepped up to the plate and began development with us. We began doing the Demos in 1990. It was during this time that we realized Synth was Dead and creative differences began to occur. We knew we would go the way of most bands on the edge of getting our record deal. We Split!

This site contains much of the music, demos and interviews that do exist. There are also fotos. Video is available upon request. 

Enjoy this little piece of history as my gift to you! BART E. PLASKOFF - 2005

Bart , Glenn & Bryan (Producer) - 1989

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